Stay friends but you make it difficult?

Hey everyone, So I just have a question, I have been talking to a chick online for almost a year, she lives in a different country. We talk everyday. We've been talking about our current status and stuff, she says she just wants to stay friends although we really like each other. She says though that she doesn't see me as a boyfriend. We agreed to say as friends. So we talked and she told me that she wants us to be friends because if we go out, our relationship will not last as long as if we are jst friends. She also told me that she wants to be friends but that I make it difficult. What does she mean by this? Let me know guys, if you need more info

If it helps, she never had a boyfriend or anything like that.


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  • Maybe you making it difficult if you keep wanting more than a friendship?

    • We agreed that we were gonna stay friends, I did admit to her that I wanted more, but that was very long ago

    • ok I read your post again. First I understand what she says, I had a male friend for over 10 years and we were very close. There were moments of flirting, times that we both wanted more but we never made a step and I am happy because now I can see that if we were ending in a relationship it would probably fail and we would lose the great friendship and closeness we had. If you have agreed to be friends and you are not trying for more, then what she said maybe means that you making it difficult because she would love to have a relationship because she likes you etc but is afraid in case that ruin what you have now. Why don't you ask her what she meant, this is the only way to know for sure.

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  • She thinks you want more and she's just trying to be polite about saying no. HOWEVER, she does value you as a person so she wants to stay friends with you.