How should a girl go on a date or hang out with her boyfriend, when her parents don't allow her to step out of her house?

Please, I need your advice. I guy asked me out but I don't know what to say to him cause my parents don't let me go out and I don't have a car yet either. They only let me go out with my friends sometimes but not till late. I don't want to involve my friends in this or even tell them because none of them are that close to me. I really want to go out with him because I want to turn my friendship with him into a relationship. So I want to go on that date.

I can't ask my parents cause I know they will say no cause they've told me my whole life to stay away from guys until university and only to focus on my career. They're gonna stop trusting me


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  • Wait until your older?

    • I'm sixteen turning seventeen. I have never dated in my life. I really like this guy and want to move a little further with him

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    • I don't know where I'm going or where he's going for uni

    • ouch I am sorry. ): My parents said stuff like that to me to but no guy ever really liked me at school. It hard I know. I think your gonna have to find a way.

  • Why don't you ask your parents if you can go on a date and see what they say?

    • My parents will definitely say no cause and they're gonna stop trusting me. They've always told me my whole life that I should stay away from guys and never date them until university or something

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    • All I hear is excuses for why you can't make mature decisions which makes it seem like you shouldn't be dating in the first place.

    • I don't know how to explain my parents to you. They're really strict.