Help girlfriend troubles?

I told my girlfriend about something from my past involving me getting caught with marijuana. I've spent thousands of dollars, community service, etc trying to make it go away. I had it expunged and the articles removed off of the internet. I told her about it confidentially. When she was drunk she told her mom about it and it really made me upset. Because I've kept all of her secrets and she just told mine to her own mother. My name and my word are all I have so I want my name clean and I know people talk so now her whole family probably knows at this point. Anyway, I was at her house and her grandparents were there and traffic tickets were brought up. And points on licenses too, and I said I had no points on my license and she asked me "Was that when you got caught" referring to my incident very loudly in front of her grandparents. Of course I got pissed off about this because we had this conversation before. When I'm leaving she went outside with me and I expressed how angry I was without even yelling. She wasn't getting the point so I kissed her and said I'm just going to leave I love you. And she stormed back into her house. We ended up texting when I got home because I always text her when I get home so she knows I'm okay. And she kept saying "Okay well I'll let you go". We talked about it and she wasn't getting the point of why I was upset. So I just said "I'm gonna go to bed I have work tomorrow anyway I love you goodnight". She said something along the lines "I'm sorry if this effects our relationship or ruins it." and said goodnight back and I replied putting her mind to ease about ruining the relationship saying something along the lines "I've told you I want a future with you and I mean that" and she said I've said the same too.

I don't understand, I really don't understand how she could get mad at me about this. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Please I really don't know what to do..


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  • This is the type of girl that will blab your penis size to all her friends and family. This is the type of girl that fails to comprehend privacy. This is the type of girl that doesn't even want to understand why her behaviour has crossed a line.

    This is the type of girl that will use this dark patch in your past against you whenever she feels like she's losing an argument.

    If you two have a fight, she will run to her family to cry and her family will immediately turn around and say "That's because he's a pot head."

    Save yourself the trouble and move on from this girl. She's not right for you based both on respecting your confidential matters and showing compassion when she was the one that hurt you.

  • There are a certain number of reasonable answers to your questions.
    1. PMS, you definitely shouldn't bring this up to her, but know that girls are on a VERY VERY short fuse when it's 'time' and you should definitely tread lightly around her. Seriously, one time I cussed my professor out because he gave me a 95 on an essay, all girls are victims to Mother Nature.
    2. Misunderstandings, while this is the most common, it might be the least likely in your situation. Maybe you should clarify that you wanted to keep these things a secret between you and her only.
    3. She's just got a big mouth. I'd hate to say this about your girlfriend, but a lot of girls have very little to no self control when it comes to gossip (I'm also a victim of this)


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