How do you try and win a guy back without making it awkward or stalkerish?

I've liked this guy for a long time. We had a thing and then he suddenly stopped talking to me. I asked why and he said he didn't know. I want us to get back together but I don't want him to think I'm weird if I flat out tell him? Is telling the truth about your feelings to guys the right way to go?


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  • Generally not. It usually doesn't work out like in the romantic films where some girl or guy confesses their love to the other, then fall in each others arms and kiss with curtains closing.

    It usually heightens the awkwardness and distance between you two, unless, for some magical reason, he actually felt the exact same way.

    Love is still a game of attraction. If you're attractive to him, you lure him. If you're not, you repel him. Typically the most attractive you can be won't be when you're writing messages telling him how you feel.

    It'll be when you're fun, desirable, funny, cute, charming, sexy, and whatever made him attracted to you in the first place.

    You could just invite him to hang out and have fun. I think that's better than revealing your deep-rooted feelings towards him.


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  • No, that would make things more awkward between you. Why don't you simply try to ask him to hang out together in order to see how it goes?

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