Will he call/text?

I was at a club and there was a paticular guy I had my eyes on the whole night and visa versa... It was difficult to talk to him because other guys wouldn't leave me alone, he walked past multiple times and swiped my hand and also whispered "catch me later so I can give yu my number"... I didn't manage to find him till I was near the exit leaving... We exchanged numbers and he was pleading I stay, but I couldnt.. Shortly after he text me... I text back... He text again but I fell asleep... so I didn't reply.. His text wasn't really open to a reply anyway (I think...) This happened on Friday, todays Sunday, do I text him or should I just wait? How long would he take?!


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  • I agree, he already did the right move and didn't wait the whole 3 day waiting period. I say go ahead txt him. If you don't do it today, he should do it tomorrow or tuesday. If he doesn't well then I don't know. but again, I say Go for it.

  • Text him = Good idea

    Sorry for the short reply, I'm busy at the moment.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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