He'd leaving & I'm going to get hurt. What do I do?

The guy I have been seeing exclusively (pretty much in a relationship but not official) is going away to uni.

We talked about it & he said that he wants to talk to me & visit me but he can't commit to anything, especially a relationship. He also didn't say he wouldn't sleep with other people.

He has said he loves me but I feel like he just thinks it's too hard when we will be away. I love him & I understand where he is coming from but I just don't know what to do...


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  • No matter how much you love him, his career has to come first. He will never get the opportunity again to pursue his goal. You can't clip someone's wings as though to speak I can imagine how painful it is for you. It's a case of the "wrong " time" for you to be together , but i believe if someone is meant to be in your life, they will find their way back to you.

  • try see how things go whilst he's at uni

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