Is he talking to other girls? Should I bring it up or wait it out?

I've been seeing this guy that I met on okcupid for 2 months. He lives in a different city &works during the week, so I only visit him once a week. But we do text everyday consistently. I deleted my okc after the 1st date. I only date one guy at a time, and I really liked this one. I was checking his okc every once in awhile, just to see if he still had it up. He did. There were a few times where I'd catch him checking his okc in front of me, but didn't say anything. About a month in, he'd end the conversation early & would take longer to respond to my texts, about 2-3 hours. I felt weird about it &everytime he took awhile responding, I'd check his okc &he'd be online. This happened for about a week maybe, then it stopped. Maybe he was getting serious with someone on okc, but things didn't work out? I never brought it up. Closer to the 2 month mark, He stopped checking his okc for about a week. I started checking it more frequently& realized he was on it everyday. This made me feel really terrible, like I wasn't enough to keep him focused on only me. I finally brought it up to him in person, asking him if he was talking to other girls and if he wanted to. He said no. I went home the same day &only got 2 texts from him, many hours apart. This was speaking volumes to me, so I texted him &told him that he could be honest if he wanted to see other people &that I didn't want to be 1 of many. He insisted that wasn't the case &that he cared about me, etc. I asked him about his okc &he said he deactivated it &reactivated it when he got bored &he only talks to friends. As you all know, I've been checking his okc &it was only deactivated for about a day, so he definitely lied/covered up. He offered to take down his okc but I told him not to do anything he didn't want to. Within this week, I noticed his activity has increased and he's been texting less. I feel like he lied about using it just 4 friends. I want to bring it up again but I'm afraid I'll sound clingy/crazy


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  • You just ask him


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