Guys, Is he really busy or is he blowing me off?

So I recently been texting this guy. We met on a online game we hit hit off, exchanged pictures. He is 40 and I'm 23 he told me that I'm out of his league because I'm really pretty (his opinion). So we talked for eight hours on the phone it was great he was telling me after a few years we can get married and have kids. He lives in California and I live in Illinois. So it really grinds my gears when people only drink soda and that's it. So I kinda dared him to drink nothing but water and he said "I get complex migraines , you're forcing me and I don't like when people try to change me." I apologized and the next day he told me he is busy and I texted him 4 days in a row and emailed he. But he did tell me he is not phone dependent and doesn't use his phone to text and stuff so I don't know if he is blowing me off or he really is busy?


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  • I haven't been able to be a romantic as I want latley cause I'm sick or really busy but girls always think you're avoiding them

    • Are you bullshitting?

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