Is he jealous and trying to seek out information?

There's a guy friend (who I know from real life) that I've gotten to know better from chatting online. It's been months and months of flirting but for his own personal reasons he's not ready to take the relationship anywhere aside from the casual flirting like we have been doing online, though he says he does want to and is interested in me. I chose to start dating somebody because I was looking for a relationship. My friend at first seemed to encourage me and then lately seems like he might be jealous. Today he brought up the guy I am seeing and asked if we had done anything sexual yet and what we had done. After I answered and said we had done some things he jokingly said that I was cheating on him and he was very heartbroken... But even though it was said in a joking manner, it seems to me like he might be feeling jealous and was really just trying to find out how serious I am getting with this guy. What do you think?


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  • Yes, the Sure Signs of a Broken nose 'Guy friend' who is Not only Surprised by another Guy But... It seems he is surprising his own self in Being not only 'Jealous' but territorial as well, I can tell.
    He probably never dreamed a million years here, dear, you would go Outside the Online thing and find A... Fling.
    Good, give him a run for his money, honey. He now knows you are not just sitting around the internet for him, that you have a life and if it is not with Him, it Can Be... I am looking for a relationship.
    No 'Joking matter.' I bet my Own bottom buck it may put him more on his toes, who knows.
    Good luck. xx

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