HOT guy at grocery store?

First of all, I'm a girl, but I registered with the wrong gender and can't change it (sucks, I know).
I saw this hot guy (a 10/10) working at the store check out. It's a self-service thing, so he can only come and help you if you have any problems. I faked a problem so I would have an excuse to talk to him. He smiled at me sweetly (but I think he was being polite) and helped me a couple of times.

What can I do to get his attention? I also happened to be wearing my pilot uniform (from flying school, I didn't have time to go home and change), so I wouldn't know if that intimidated him? Maybe next time I should wear neat casual clothes? He looks a lot like Captain America. Should I mention that?


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  • Why don't you just take iniciative? Sometimes the best answer is the most obvious one :)

    • I'm scared of being rejected. I have been rejected all my life and I wonder if I am that ugly. I can't put up my photo or Indian guys would start to contact me. It's very depressing. Or men in their 50's.

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    • I moved closer to him and he never moved away. But when I asked for an excuse to touch his hand (to compare sizes), he hesitated, looking at his hand before he said no thanks. There was no one in the room :( He is on FB, but I won't say anything. He is over me by now, it was 2 years ago :'(

    • I dig it]

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  • It may have intimidated him that you wore flight gear. However, for the most part that's not the intimidating part. The intimidating part is not knowing whether you have a boyfriend or not. If you want to get to know him, tell him you find him cute and that you'd like to hang out with him.

    • So if you found an attractive woman (let's say, she was wearing a navy uniform) and she didn't do anything but smile politely at you at asked for help, would you think she is interested? Would you be able to look her in the eyes?

    • She could be, but as a guy I wouldn't know. I can't read a woman's mind. Not a lot of guys can. I would hope that I could look into her eyes. However, I can't because I'm hard of hearing and I depend a lot on lip-reading for communication. For guys that don't need to lip-read, they probably should be able to.

  • Yeah you should tell him that. I think if you want this guy to ask you out you will have to do it. Especially if he is working. I have wanted to do this many times but because I am working I can't.

    • If she was attractive, would you go for her and talk to her? But it's super busy with a lot of people requiring assistance and attention for help. Would you be able to look her in the eye?

    • Yeah, I would look her in the eye. Of course. And I would try to flirt with her if possible, but only enough that it wouldn't get me fired. You can't just hit on people while you are working. But the customer can to let the guy know it's ok to be more forward.

  • I think you should for sure talk to him! I wouldn't think a pilot uniform would be intimidating but it could be a good convo starter maybe? :)
    Ahaha maybe don't tell him he looks like captain America straight away but maybe down the road if things work out :)

    • How can I talk to him? It is a busy checkout and people are swarming with questions and some of them even swearing at him because he takes too long to help them. I don't look too deeply into things, so for now, I have no idea if I stand a chance. He's the hottest guy I have seen in real life. Only one guy spoke to me in the shops but he was in his 50's, ugly, fat and acting really weird. I wonder why guys in their 50's talk to me while young guys around my age looks but does nothing.

    • Hey! I apologize for not responding sooner! Just curious to see how you went :)

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  • Contact an admin to change your gender. There's @RedRain and @xHoneyxBeex

  • man this is going to be a tough pill to swallow but i dont think there's anything you CAN do. if he hasn't made a move on you himself then i don't think he's interested. and if he's as beautiful as you say he is then he probably won't want to be more than friends with just any girl who shows attraction to him. so even if you made a move yourself i don't think it would lead to anything. you're welcome to try though:)

    • I can understand where you're coming from. But I didn't really show much attraction to him, I just smiled and laughed. I think I am so guarded up from previous rejections that I'm scared of doing anything. It sucks that only guys in their 50's wants to speak to me while guys my age never.

    • yeah i know you didn't lol. but i'm saying most guy usually make the first move (if they're interested) without waiting for signs from the girl. you're basically asking how to show him that you're interested because he hasn't he hasn't displayed anything beyond friendly politeness to you. so what i meant was even if you did show attraction it doesn't mean it would lead anywhere. remember that just because you're interested in someone doesn't they will reciprocate your feelings, espescially gorgeous people. but yeah you could trying simply asking him out. couldn't hurt right?

    • I'm rejected all my life so I don't think I should do anything. It sucks, I'd doubt I'd find anyone. You know how horrible it is to have so many guys in your class 1 girl to 9 class ratios yet nobody approaches you at all.