Asking her out to dinner?

So I have been talking with this girl for a while now. She is in our friends circle and it's her last year of college. We were at a party and somethings happened with her ex showing up and us guy friends kicked him out of our party and tried not to make a seen. But I was think of asking her out today to grab some dinner Friday do you still think this is a good idea? Also the guy that she has this thing going on with is also in our group of friends and he is going home this weekend. What are your thoughts?


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  • asking her to dinner is an easy way to see where you stand in her eyes. its also a good way to figure out if you should proceed or back off.
    go for it the orse that can happen is she says no.

    • Yea thats what I was thinking. Have to go after what you want in life and if its a no then move on.

    • you got it good luck hope it goes well

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