Favorite Date

Where did you spend your favorite date at?


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  • I have two favourite dates :)

    The first one, me and my boyfriend went to a restaurant and had a lovely meal, we shared dessert which was cute :) then we went for a walk on the beach and shared a bottle of wine, just having a laugh really! They we went back to mine for a bit of a kiss and cuddle.. it was perfect.

    The second one was for my 22nd birthday, we went for a meal at a fancy restaurant, had champagner mixed with strawberries... mmm.. we had everything! Then we got a taxi back to mine, and I put a film on... we had a kiss and cuddle but this time we had sex too and it was amazing...

    x x x


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  • My first date we went several places:

    1.) Fair

    2.) Movies

    3.) Walked to the Beach

    4.) Went back to my house and watched TV until her dad picked her up.


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  • My favorite date would either have to be my date at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk or at the sushi restaurant.

    At the Boardwalk, my boyfriend and I spent all our time at the arcade there and just challenged each other at all of the games we could. I whooped his butt at Marvel vs. Capcom, but I pretty much lost at everything else. Lols! After that, we took a walk by the beach there, and then we went back to his car and stayed in the parking lot just kissing and fooling around.

    The other date was in Monterey, where my boyfriend lives. He took me to this sushi restaurant close to his place and we ordered a lot of sushi and we sat really close to each other the whole time and he had one arm wrapped around me the entire time we were eating. Then, we went over to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream, and we both ate there and fed each other, and then we walked around and looked at all of the stores around there that we passed by and then headed back to his place for more fun.

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