Girls, with time do you start missing a guy more and more or you just forget about him as time progresses?

After a fight (which almost seems like has ended things between you two), do you start missing a guy more and more if he doesn't contact you for days/ weeks or you just forget about him over time?



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  • Helloooo haha

    If i loved him i would miss him like crazy. I could never forget someone i still loved. Whether it's days or weeks since we had no contact. The separation would devastate me. I wouldn't be able to sleep for missing him.

    • Hi :D
      What if you were not in love with him? But you talked to him everyday and have been sexual with him, he is not a boyfriend though

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    • Thanks for the MHO

    • No problemo :D

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  • Well if I hate him than I am bye bye. But if I love him and I forget him thats just sad ):

  • Mmmm I would say forget... All of my crushes fade away within 2 weeks once I stop seeing them. There was only one guy I liked a year after not seeing him simply because it was an intense crush and it was mutual.

    • Well crush doesn't mean anything, and I can forget about them in days, but we have been really close, did everything which a couple would do but yes we were not officially a couple...

    • Yeah it's like the 2nd guy I described, it took me a year to forget about him