Help me please?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for pshh 9 months now. And well, I love him a lot and we argue a lot sometimes, I mean like we argue over silly things. Mainly my fault, im very sensitive in some respects.

I was bullied for three years of high school and most of primary school. This has had an effect on me. I'm highly insecure sometimes and need help of other for that, My boyfriend provides this help, to make sure i don't fall apart, The bullying got to me so much i still haven't fully recovered. He finds another girl, Attractive so Obviously I'm getting anxious and I could use so reassurance.

How do I know that she isn't a 'threat' ?
How do I stop being so silly with it all?
Is it normal to argue a lot?
What do I do?
Does this mean he will leave?
I'm being paranoid aren't I?

Please be completly honest


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  • I think you should calm down

    • okay thanksssss. i panic really easily. It's so stupid xD

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  • Get over yourself and if you trust and love him just relax and enjoy the relationship. What's the point in stressing yourself out over things you don't even know are a thing? I've struggled with amxiety and I've realised it can destroy yo. Do go living your life in pain because you only get one so just trust him and love him and I'm sure you'll see the difference in the relationships. I was the same in my relationship until I chilled out and just began to enjoy it and now it's been over a year since we even argued. If he lives you and you love him then just embrace that and don't care about anybody else :)


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  • She very well could be but you have to know guys can't just automatically go blind once they get into a relationship, it's up to your boyfriend to draw the line and know to be loyal. It doesn't mean he will leave, when you look at an attractive guy do you think he's ugly? You can't let your past poison your present.

    • thanks really apresiate this x

  • Listen I completely understand your position right now, it's like your mirroring my life. My boyfriend gets stressed out because he does not understand my self anxiety at all and I'm constantly apologising for the arguments of insecurity.
    My boyfriend has had me in tears admitting he finds other specific girls who we know attractive and don't get me wrong these girls are like models compare to me. It sucks but you will never change a mans ways. Just perhaps talk about if he ever does see a pretty girl to not dwell on it and never mention pretty girls to you and just make sure he reassures you now and then.
    Or another alternative to make yourself feel better I always make extra effort with my makeup or get my hair done different. Men notice the effort sometimes but I hundred percent promise it does not mean he will leave. Just mans nature to stare sometimes

    • yeah. Its just like my and my boyfriend, we are working through it soI'm trying really hard to get over it in a sense. Like I understand he will find others attractive I just didn't expect him to tell me straight out you know? Yeah I think it is mans nature x

  • Talk to him about it and I wouldn't want him really talking to her much and you need to change your ways and be more confident also tougher or else you MIGHT just push him into her arms. I seen this SO many times at school with girls. Treat your man good and have fun

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