Is She Into Me? Or Am I Being Made A Fool?

Recently back in January on my birthday this girl I've never met starts talking to me on Facebook then IMs me. We talked for a day or two before she sent me her number and told me to text her. We would text almost everyday and just talk about what we like and stuff, just getting to know each other. Well finally I ask her out on a date but she politely declines and says she would rather come to my house and hang out. Well I gave her a time but she never answered back. Now we talk every once in a while and every time I or she makes a plan to hang out something always comes up on her end. She randomly sends me a pic of herself one day. I don't know if she's into me or she had problems with guys back when but I don't know what to do.


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  • At this point I would feel that she isn't really that into you, sorry. I think this because when a girl doesn't want to hang out want to hang out when you feel that you guys got along well. I would ask her straight up and ask her what she is thinking and see what she says. If she says that she's just a busy person or something along those lines then she probably is just trying to play with you. If she says that she has issues with guys you may also want to back off because if she doesn't ever want to hang out how can you have a relationship? I hope that helps goodluck.

    • Thanks... it just seems odd

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