Girls, Another guy likes her, what do I do?

One of my friends likes the girl I like (I've liked her way longer) and he won't give it up. I have barely anytime to work with and I've gotten decently far but he has more classes with her. I really like her and I just want to be able to make her happy and be happy at the same time. I won't be able to do that if he wins. He has more friends than me and is less awkward than me, I've never had a girlfriend and he has. I like her a lot and I feel like I'm up against impossible odds


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  • It's not impossible. Doesn't matter that he is more experienced or less awkward because in the end it all comes down to who she actually is in love with. So what if he has more classes with her than you, find another way to talk to her. Go get her. If you really want her then don't let anything stop you from getting her.

    • I'm not the guy who walks up to her when she's talking to friends. I usually talk to her when she's alone

  • Is this same girl you wrote in another question?
    You know at our age friendship is always more important than our infatuation with someone.
    But if you really like her don't give up tell her what you feel, tell her that you like her.
    Don't worry about number of your friends, when I was 14 two best friends liked me and I liked the one who had less friends.
    In that case number of friends doesn't really matter.
    Try to win her heart and even if it doesn't happen you will know that you tried.
    It is better to do it and regret doing it than thinking-what if I told her.
    Good luck man!