How should I take a step back & in future how should I reconnect?

Hey guys,..

I don't know if anyone had followed my past questions.. but just needed a fair opinion.

ever since that trip, i had an emotional roller coaster with a girl i like and an aquintance that i suspect is pursuing her..

I got caught up in suspicion and messed up. Especially via whatsapp.. and that aquintance been treating me differently didn't help either..

i felt i can't be myself, on some note i did however manage to go out with that girl for a jog after two weeks and an eat out which took much effort to ask her out. i would probably try again but not anytime soon.. maybe after a month or so.. the sucky thing our conversation got sucked into work only instead of getting intimate..

2 months into the stale mate, i can't get any honesty from either party.. thats all that matters to me.. but it seems its draining me.. affecting my eat, sleep etc

I appreciate the friendship in the group chat, but as far as the group is.. i feel left out and isolated even though i try to have a good time there.. so i decided to take myself out of the group, delete that aquintence number to recompose and readjust my core. And if they appreciate the friendship theyd try to reconnect.. as advised by my bro..

it is kinda hard, esp with all the thing we had been through.. trips outings etc

but being in the pressure pot doesn't help me grow..

On another front,.. there is a girl i liked but didn't want ut we were friends.. who jilted me for another guy before.. and seems she come back and made a connection with me recently.. seems she had a
Being affected by the other situation, i let her see my wounds.. but i felt as though im being an option.. so i blocked her..

I really need to detached from the hassle of things.. i believe my power is in my presence and my focus.. channel into activities that help me grow

guys give me heads up.. i need some motivation..


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  • You have all the wrong ideas in life... You have no proper guidance and growing up in this feminist society has made you into this piece of shit