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I'm sorry this is so long but here it goes... I have been with this guy for over a year and a half we live together and everything. Well he broke up with me this Sunday. Why you ask? Well back in November he went out with a mutual coworker he told me about it I knew her so I'm like okay have fun. So he came home and everything was fine. Well then in December he left his phone out and I went to post on his fb and I just happened to go through his messages because I saw her name. They flirted back and forth but there were messages from after they hung out and he was like hey it was awesome seeing you lets do it again, she responded ya def sorry I was so bad at pool... drum roll please... he responded no worries I would have touched and moved your body but I didn't want to cross any lines... really ya he said that to the girl who is supposedly his friend. But yet he got mad at me and broke up with me for going through his phone. So now we still live together and we sleep in the same bed as he refuses to let me sleep on the couch and we have sex but like wth can someone explain this to me? He's acting like its no big deal. Granted he doesn't tell me he loves me anymore but he'll text me and everything like it's whatever. Meanwhile here I am crying day and night wondering why he's doing this?


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  • Wow you are completely letting him have his way with you! Hope I don't upset you, but even broken up this guy has you completely wrapped around his finger..

    • The sad part is I know :/ I do everything for him cook clean I even gave him back massages but then he does this to me after a year and a half and I just don't get it. He said he broke up with me because I don't trust him which I don't not with that girl and he gave me every reason not too

    • It sucks you live together. I know the feeling. I had a shitty breakup last year and we had to live together for a month and a half til the lease was up. Not a good time in my life..

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