I have a crush on a girl who is a year ahead of me in school, how do I handle it?

I've been crushing on a girl for awhile now, but I'm a sophomore in high school, and won't be able to drive until November 2016, whereas she is a junior and has a full licence. I've never had a girlfriend before and I honestly have no idea what to do or how to handle my parents. (I mean if I start dating her I've got to have transportation for dates, right? I live in countryside BTW) we've been friends for a while too, and known each other for a long time. Plus we do have a lot of common friends, but I don't think she looks at me the same way as I do for her.

And no I'm not a crazy social outcast just because I'm 15 and never has had a girlfriend, I've just always thought it dumb to date without a car.

Any answers to just one of my specific questions would be much appreciated but feel free to give me a huge wiki how style response tho ;)


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  • I would just hint that you like her, I wouldn't be a total creep and tell her straight to her face

    • I don't think you quite get what I'm saying... I don't know how to handle the whole situation

      I can't drive- she can

      I'm 15- she is 16 / I'm a sophomore- she is a junior

      We have been decent friends for awhile now and have a lot of common friends/ interests

      I like her in a crush sort of way- she does not
      And if it slowly becomes evident how much I like her... will she drop me as a friend if she rejects me? And if not will it just be super awkward?

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    • How is it going with you and that girl?

    • We are both kinda flirting with each other, but life is getting in the way for both of us , so I've decided against getting a girlfriend. 😕 but we will continue to flirt most likely , and I'm pretty sure she feels the same way. Anyways it kinda sucks , but life will slow down enough eventually. Having a busy schedule can be a curse sometimes...

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