I like him too but i'm not sure if he likes me?

I like him too but i'm not sure if he likes me? There's this guy who's a year younger than me and i have never talked to him before. However, i didn't even notice him until his friends started throwing peanuts across the cafeteria tables for about a month. We have made countless eye contacts and whenever i looked back, he doesn't look away. I was talking to my friends recently as we walked out of the cafeteria and he was right there and he was looking at me straight. What does it mean when you guys do that? His friends have turned their heads to look towards my table too. Does he like me?


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  • More likely they're talking about perverted sex stuff concerning you. But maybe. People are so different you'll never just guess what he's like. You're better of talking to him. He might just be batshit crazy too. Always the chance they're batshit crazy.


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