What should I do now?

So... you can probably guess from my username that I'm not the most graceful person when it comes to dealing with people; but to be fare, I'm mostly considered to be quiet and friendly.

I meet this girl while working at a book exhibition at a local school; the exhibition ran for 5 days from early morning till around 5pm. I work for a book retailer and ran the stall, and an acquaintance of mine from a different company was there and she introduced us; she doesn't work for the company, in-between jobs, but was there rather as a favour for her friend.

hehe, too much back story I know... ANYWAYS!

We immediately hit it off and just spent the entire week chatting about different topics, coming up with inside jokes, nicknames, and taking about our futures and where we see ourselves down the line. it turns out we're a lot alike and share a lot of the same views.

at the end of the exhibition, after we'd mostly finished packing and loading the trucks, I was helping them with boxes; she was sitting on the table while I was moving the last of the boxes; she said "you know I've been winking at you this whole time, right?" while I was bent down picking up another box, I just smiled back and said "that's cool".

We said our goodbyes, and I ended up forgetting to get her number. 4 days later I called her friend to ask her for the number; her friend started laughing telling me that I must be the densest idiot on the planet. turns out she'd been on the reserving end of one hell of a rant, about me "either begin a complete dork that has to have it spelled out for him, or just not interested", bring up my "that's cool" response up several time. Needless to say, it was an awkward phone call, but she gave me the number and that we'd meet up at a different venue 2 weeks from now.

looking back... I can kinda see the cues (insert faceplam here); but I honestly just thought she was a cool person and rather enjoyed her company.

We're both in our mid 20s, and both have minimal experience in dating.

So now what?

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P. S: One of the topics we discussed was about the new Pokemon Go! App, and how we would travel the world collecting all 150 first generation.

If you haven't seen it, check it out!


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  • I admit, I'm not sure what your question is here. Do you want confirmation that there was more than enough clues to act on? Is there an issue going forward?

    • I can't really say myself honestly; I just got blindsided by the whole thing. I do admit that I find her rather attractive; and after thinking about it, honestly would like to get to know her better.

      I just have no idea how to salvage the entire issue.

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    • Yes, we are probably going to meet each other again in a week's time at a different venue; but taking your advice, I should contact her sooner and ask her out... over coffee?

      I would think that the situation might be taken as somewhat, for a lack of a better word, amusing; given the fact that she almost certainly knows by now about the conversation between me and her friend.

      As a response to why the thought of her being interested in me having not crossed my mind; I guess it's due to my timid nature when it comes to this sort of thing. from my perspective, I genuinely found her to be a wonderful discussion partner; it might sound childish, but you wouldn't believe the excitement with which our Pokemon banter was had.

      It's decided then, I will lay myself bare and apologize over coffee; after I muster enough courage to actually make the phone call... and hopefully she takes well to the whole thing.

    • I think she will be pleased to hear from you and I also would guess she will be amused by your reaction. Good luck!

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