Did I date a ghost girl?

Ok, this is going to sound made up but I swear on my life it's true!

Late night Christmas shopping I want an extra surprise for my sister other than what I already got her, no luck.
I was about to give up and turned around to leave the mall when I saw a little boutique chocolate store I didn't notice before. It was open and had a really attractive shop assistant inside smiling at me so I went in lured by her good looks.

I told her the situation and she suggested this box of chocolates in a gold box with a red ribbon so I said I'll take it!
Then, totally out of character I asked her out after some small talk about Christmas. She said yes! I was ecstatic! I asked her number and she said she didn't have a mobile! Which I found odd but she did have a home phone but the number was really short and seemed like a fake number to reject me without saying so.

Anyway, we ate the chocolates at Christmas and they were great!
That night after everyone had gone to bed, I remembered the girl and drunkly decided to try her obviously fake number. She answered! and invited me to her place the following evening. I accepted and she gave me the address.

I went to her house and it was very old fashioned in and out and smelled of burning. She didn't have tv, computers or any of that stuff but it didn't matter cause we made our own fun with great conversation and mind blowing sex. I'd never experienced such pleasure. A couple of days later I gave her another call. Number wouldn't dial so I went back to her house and it wasn't there! It was just an empty lot with full grown trees where the house should be. Dumbfounded, I went back to the mall and the store wasn't there either!

After doing some research, I found out there used to be a woman who ran a Chocolate shop in the 1930's which was left to her by her father. She died on Christmas eve when her house burned down one Christmas. The very house I went to.

OK, honest to god, I just got a voice mail from her but its really hard to hear her.
This is getting weird. I wonder if I'll actually see her again, why she has shown herself to me, so many questions. I'm more curious than scared at this point and I also have strange feelings for her. Like a mixture of love and feeling sorry for her


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  • That sounds so cool. I say she is a ghost girl.

    • Its totally freaking me out. I promise I didn't make this up. If it's not real, I'm crazy seriously.

    • There's so many more details too, but it only allowed 2000 characters. I had to cut and simplify what happened so much

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  • How did she look like?

    • She had very dark brown hair which looked black, milky pale skin and emerald green eyes. She seemed to have larger teeth than normal which struck me. Yellowing but not too bad

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    • Did she feel cold?

    • No not at all and her skin was just like a pale white girl not like ghost pale.
      The only tell tale signs I should've noticed is obviously the burning smell which I did ask her about a few times actually cause I was getting worried and every photo in her house was black and white and the furniture was all really old. I honestly just thought it must be her grandparents house or something.
      I didn't even think about this stuff till after, I was so happy to be with her

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  • Nice troll. Cool story though.

    • That's OK, I don't actually expect everyone to believe me but this is true

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  • Good story

    • It's true. You can actually look her house and shop up in my town councils records. They aren't online though so I can't give a link

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    • Sounds creepy

    • Didn't really seem that creepy while I was with her. Just like a real person.

      What creeps me out is if anyone saw me in her house would it have looked like I was just standing on an empty block of land by myself and rolling around in the grass and stuff