I regret breaking up with him, help?

Today we hungout and we kissed, but we're not together... In the past he was the one who broke up with me and when we kissed it was how we got back together.

This last time is different because I broke up with him. He's not the type of guy to only want a fuckbuddy or anything, before he's always wanted to date me. He even called me buddy when he left. It would sound like from that he clearly doesn't want anything more, but I'm wondering if he wants me to ask him or tell him that I want to be with him. I'm scared because I could be totally wrong and don't know how I would ask.


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  • If you broke up with him then it's on you to make things OK again and to win him over. He's not going to do much if you left him and rightly so. It's not the person who got dumped's responsibility to come back.

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