Have you been into this situation with girls or guys you like?

Lets say you been out on dates that seem that they might go into a relationship or at least they are going good then you come home, you ponder over the nite, and suddenly you are not sure you want to be in a relationship or even go out with someone again or even go on another date.

Is that even fair? I mean if you think like that always, then you should never go out again if you each time you go out will have the same feeling and thinking. Are there people like that out there and why they do that?


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  • sounds like a person who likes the idea of being in a relationship but is actually either afraid of the commitment or just not ready to date

    sure there are people out there like that. i guess it's not really fair

    • So why if htye like the idea of being in a relationship then they are afraid or not like the idea to be with someone or at least to hang out. I mean teh word relationship means something that goes both ways and have 2 parties. A relationship is not something of just one. inthat ase they better stay alone and dont think they like th idea of a relationship when they never mean to be in one or they are not ready to date so therfore stop leading girls on and play games with them making them, believe they want to date for a while, when it is not true, especially those guys that probably are not even afraid of commtitment or they do not wan to hang out but it could be they like to be independent.

    • i don't know why he has fears of or hesitations about commitment. that's his thing. all the things you mentioned abotu a relationship aren't really the reason why people fear commitment

      typical reasons people fear commitment
      - fear of rejection once they put themselves out there
      - fear of a loss of freedom
      - don't want to limit option
      - fear of the relationship going in a bad way (typically a fear of people who've been cheated on or seen relationships blow up)

  • I'm sure not like that. It wouldn't be fair to the other person..

  • they overthought the situation and it wasn't for them

    • but that soon?

    • yes it happens because people have sorts of personalities. it really depends on their personality

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