Girls, would you look down on a guy and bee unwilling to date him if he works a minimum wage job in retail? What if he was trying to get a better job?

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  • In the past, I certainly would have. But I'm 23 now and I feel that's a bit old to be working a minimum wage job. If he was in college or something, then that'd be different because he's obviously planning for a better job. But otherwise, I'd have to think what's taking him so long to get out of minimum wage? I stopped making minimum wage when I was 19 and I'm not even ambitious.

    • Well i'm a guy who just finished college and am looking for a better job. Does that make it more acceptable that I work in retail?

    • I mean, a retail job is better than no job at all. You do what you gotta do. But surely you can find a job that will give you skills to put on your resume in the future.

      Job searching is hard, just keep trying. :)