Why didn't he communicate a ending with me?

I was invited out by a guy I'd had a few dates with for New Year's Eve.
he's a older guy in his 50s and I am 10 years younger. He was not interested in sex so I know he wasn't using me for that but we did sleep in the same bed and were touchy freely.
We had a nice evening and I texted him the day after to thank him. Nothing since, just radio silence..
iniatally when I first met him he disappeared on me for 3 weeks and popped back, I put it down to maybe him pulling away before wanting to go further. He gave me no explanation abd when I asked him what he was looking for he said a cuddle monkey. We were intimate once and I thought he was rather small for a guy, maybe this has something to do with his disappearance
any clues?


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  • Without anything else to respond to I would take his answer for what he wanted at face value. He has not really done anything to suggest he wants much more than that. He has not given you anything else to work with so beyond that I can only speculate.


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  • I'd say he probably meant exactly what he said. He never tried to proceed things further with you, just once.
    I doubt his penis size has anything to do with his disappearance though.

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