What should I do? What's the best decision?

Okay so I have a boyfriend, and for the past few days I recently have been thiking about my ex like his name would occasionally pop up in my head and I told my boyfriend and be got mad and I apologized and he said decide what you got to do and I can't get rid of my ex name like" Manuel" keeps coming and I get so pissed at myself for it. I fell bad that it's like this. I do want to be with my boyfriend (Jose) but this just isn't right and I was his first love, and I been fighting for him for 6 months to keep this relationship going but damnnnn!! And Manuel goes to my school but my boyfriend does not... So i see my ex everyday... And my ex has a girlfriend but she doesn't live in California... I can't decide. Please help and don't judge.


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  • You should tell your boyfriend that you can't decide. It's not right to keep him in the dark about mixed feelings like that..


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