Asking what are they "looking" for?

When you are talking to somebody that you see as a potential girlfriend in the future, what is the best way to ask them if they are looking for something serious. I been talking to somebody and people have said it is kind of early, but i think its never early to set the ground in what you are both looking for. This way we both won't waste our time if one person is not looking for same thing the other is pursuing.
so my question is
1. Is it ever too early to ask some body if they are looking for a relationship at the moment?
2. What is another way to ask the person, to bring the up the subject?

i get being blunt but dont wanna be to straightforward.



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  • Personally, I agree with you that it's never too early to ask.
    You could ask her about her past relationships and then ask 'what about now?' and if she's looking for a relationship now
    Or you could ask her what she looks for in a guy/boyfriend and ask if you make the cut (say it in like a jokey way so you don't come off too forward) when she replies, say she says yeah, ask 'so you're looking for a relationship then?' , or if she says no, 'so you're not looking for a relationship then?'

    • I kind of heard about her past relationship and it didn't go so well so I've held myself from asking that because it might be too personal. But will think about it.
      That is really helpful ! Thank you, and will give it a try ! (:

    • Ah I'd go for the second option then haha welcomes!

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