How do I get him back?

I've been seeing this guy for a year. There's always been a massive lack of communication between us which kinda lead to us playing mind games with eachother and giving eachother mixed signals. Even when when we admitted to really liking eachother, we didn't really believe it because of the previous mind games/mixed signals. At first I blamed him, but I was a dick too ngl. We ended things as they were getting complicated and agreed to stay friends. But I REALLY like this guy and I don't know what to say to him now and tell him how I feel :(

nothing wrong with being too ambitious as long as you don't push people away completely haha but you'll be more than fine
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  • Ahhhh. Im in the same situation kind of, but like we haven't ended anything just keeping it low till our exams are over. I think you should talk it out with him clearly. If you're friends that shouldn't be out of the question. I know it's hard. My problem is for some reason I can't express myself to him openly. I feel like I'll give away too much. I'm scared of being hurt in that. Same reason?

    • Exact same reason! I hate talking about feelings and don't want to get hurt either. We had to wait till after my exams as well before we had the conversation where we called it off. Because of my exams, we didn't really talk as much and I guess it just made us overthink things? but it's been a week since we spoke and I don't know what to say or how to approach the situation and I'm scared of rejection haha

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    • thing wrong with being too ambitious as long as you don't push people away completely haha but you'll be more than fine

    • Lol I did that. I'm doing it again. But well can't compromise. Too much too achieve for too many reasons and as long as I know my handful of people are there I'm cool. Thanks :)

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  • be honest with him. try and communicate better. wouldn't hurt. the same thing happened to me and this girl we were friends and played each other and we never confronted the issue until way after and now we're fighting and hate each other.

    • Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely talk to him

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  • I say take what you learn for the next guy!

    • So should I give talking a shot or forget about him, are you saying?

    • I want say move on to someone else. Unless you like him a lot.

    • Yeah I do :/

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