He hasn't confirmed the date yet... so do I text him?

Normally I wouldn't give a man who did that sort of thing a second look, but I don't even know this guy. "Met" him on an app, so this will be the first meet up. He had to cancel for work two days ago, so he asked when I was free again. I told him, and he said "okay I'll text you."

I don't "blame" him because when I haven't met someone, I'm never motivated to plan something, but like... I want to go to the gym haha. I also don't want him texting me a minute before to ask me out. I told him I was free, so I can't just say that I'm not. I know everyone will be like "girl he's not into you just say no because otherwise he'll think you're always available" - but the thing is, no duh he's not that into me, we've never even met yet. And last time he asked me I had to move the date back almost a week because I was busy every night, so it's not like I'm the kind to wait around. I just... want to ask him without being annoying


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  • Yes, text him