How to make him understand that I need more?

so tomorrow , i'm gonna see a guy that we kind have a thing and it never ends i met him 4 years ago and i never stoped loving him , we only kissed 4 times we hugge we tell each others stuff but we never really dated , so what shoulds say/do to make him understand that i need more.


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  • Tell him that before you lose him. Sit you two alone and make the first move, maybe start like "hey we knew each other's for years, and there is something I always wanted to tell you but never could.." and then he will listen to you. Just do it, you don't want to live under his shadow for years and watch yourself die, try to tell him that and if he refuse just tell him that you two can still be friends and try to get over him, I swear I know it's not easy but life is unfair sometimes. If you want his attention more, the eye contact and body language, try always to make eye contact and be nice to him. Be around him a lot and everything will be fine. Just tell him. Promise you it will be fine, if you don't want to tell him by face-to-face just send him a text, good luck and I hope It helped! ♥