I have a huge freaking crush on her - what do I do?

I've liked this girl for more than a few months now, I have a few classes with her and even though we aren't the best of friends, we have some good conversations here and there. On our school camp last week, there was a kind of dance/social event thing where we were all encouraged to take a date. So I worked up my nerve and asked her to go with me. As it turns out, she'd already said yes to another guy. She let me down easy, I smiled and played it off like no big deal. So the dance night goes by, she and this guy look happy to be with each other, and then the next day I don't even see them making eye contact. We got a motivational speech about relationships or whatever that day and as I looked at this guy (who I'm not close friends with, but still talk to from time to time. He's pretty cool and well liked by most people) he seemed anxious or lost in thought for most of it. I got the impression that he was thinking about her and that something may have happened between them that he wasn't happy about. The dance wasn't necessarily a romantic thing for everyone who took a partner - but I feel that if I wait to tell her how I really see her, the same situation will come up again, except this time she'll be taken permanently. So I want to tell her, but I don't know how to go about doing it. What are your thoughts?

  • You should wait and hope she starts liking you.
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  • Pursue her and try to win her over.
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