Kissing on a first date, good thing or bad thing?

So I'm going out with a girl I met on Tinder tonight, we've been talking for a couple weeks now and finally got our schedules to line up. We talk a lot, so I hope tonight will go well, it's going to be the first time we meet. But, if the time comes, is kissing on the first date a good thing or a bad thing? My last relationship we didn't kiss on the first date, but I'm pretty sure she wanted to, since she was lingering. But I am not good at those decisions and I get nervous about making that move because you're putting everything out there.

Girls, would you kiss on a first date? And if you do kiss on a first date, what are some signs and clues that it's going in that direction?


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  • It's a neutral thing. I don't consider it either positive or negative.


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