How do you feel when a person of the opposite sex is hitting on you? How about when hitting on someone else?

I am just wondering what goes on inside your head when someone approaches you or when you approach someone else. If possible, can you go into detail?

Edit: it doesn't have to be a person of the opposite sex, just anybody really.


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  • Girls don't just walk up and flirt with me because I think most of them are intimidated, I but I get looks and smiles all the time. and once a girl just walked up and took like 3 pictures of me then left without saying a word. I know they won't approach me but they want me to approach them, and sometimes I'm in a bad mood so I just don't, but I still get that great proud feeling ever time. (which has led to me being overly confident on occasion and sabotaging myself)


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  • I don't feel anything, I'll turn them down and carry on with my day.


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