Is this guy playing games?

I've known a guy--for several weeks. we've hung out once or twice. last time he pissed me off because he tried to dominate me in front of his friends. All he does is text me about how lonely he is all the time. he's been waiting to hang out with me for a few days. Today he says "wanna relieve some stress" then he talks about boxing, then sex. He says "what do you want to do" as in going out. we talked about going out too. I said 'well u could come over and we could figure it out'. Then he says 10 mins later that his friend is going to stay at his place and he won't be able to leave for a while. Its like he wasted my time leading me on all day... is he hoping i'll go to his place? what a weirdo


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  • He only wants sex from you

    • i know he wants sex--why is he trying to trick me into going to his place

    • Because he wants sex‚Ķ

    • but why won't be come to my place--he was supposed to days ago.. it doesn't make sense

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