I have social anxieties but feel like I need someone. Any tips or people with similar problems?

There is a lot of variables to this opposition that I won't get into unless asked.

Some say you shouldn't be dating or worrying about it so much at this age but I strongly dissagree and here's why.

* Teens go through a lot of emotional stress and it's nice to have someone to vent out on
* Love helps with depression (I would know.) A large percentage of teens suffer from this and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives.
* Love is something everyone should play with to learn their mistakes.

Ok now that that is out of the way, I will continue by saying I'm a pretty emotional dude. Not in means of expressing emotions more or crying or anything like that. I just tend to have very strong mood swings and depression to the pint where I have thought about killing myself since 4th grade. (This will never happen so don'y freak out.)

I also have pretty high social anxiety and what not so i have troubles and insecurities around ANYBODY. Not just females but females included. So you can imagine it is pretty hard for me to approach anyone and talk to them out of the blue.

I can't seem to find a girl that is compatible or that would get me though I'm sure their are plenty but my anxiety is making it very hard to talk to them or hang out a little even when I know them a little.

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  • i would say start with a girl you could be friends with, someone you could eventually feel very comfortable with. someone who may share the same interests and hobbies as you. i would try joining a club at school if you're not already in one. they are a great way to find people who have common interests, and are good building blocks for connecting for people.


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  • i guess as you grow older you learn to live with it, and even find ways to cope with social anxieties, later on you will find people who are like you, talking to girls never get easy but you learn some tricks to do it, there will be moments when you will say, i should kill myself, as you say never going to happen, but you will always find a way trough, at least is how i see it, so hang in there


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  • I haven't been clinically diagnosed with anything, but I do often experience social anxiety. Especially in the winter months.

  • I am just like you. I just got into exposure therapy and it is really helping for all my triggers with anxiety. I suggest u find one of these around you and make sure they do exposure therapy.