Girls, have you ever said text me if you weren't interested after a date?

So I went on a date tonight with a girl, I do think it went well, but she seemed very shy. She asked a lot of questions and we never had an awkward silence. At the end of the night, she said "We should hang out again, sometime soon! and then she said text me". I have been burned a lot in the past and I have difficulty believing when someone legitimately wants to see me and when they're just being polite.

Have you ever said text me or things along those lines if you weren't legitimately interested? Have you ever said that if you didn't want to see them again?

I do think it went well, but I just got out of a bad breakup and I just don't want to get too invested in anything.

She sometimes seemed bored, but then she would ask all sorts of questions and I think it was mainly her being shy or quiet.
What I mean by not get too invested was, I don't want to get my hopes up. I am very interested in this girl and want it to work out, but it just hasn't gone well for me in the past so I try not to get too invested too quickly so I don't get hurt.


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  • If she is shy, then texting could be a valid response. I suppose you will see if she really wants to hang out again.

    I would honestly rather talk on the phone or in person with hs guy I am interested in, but not everyone is like me.

    If I'm not interested in someone, I will more than likely say something such as , "See ya around" or something like thag that.

  • If I wasn't interested I wouldn't ask a guy to text me because that would extend a relationship that's going nowhere, it's a good sign if she asked you to contact her! It sounds like she was just shy😊

    • I'm sure it is too haha, she's out with family today so she's texting pretty sporadically. It makes me nervous when there is sporadic texting the day after a date, but I know she's busy and she did seem very interested in a second date at the end of the date last night. There's always that part of me though that thinks its just them being polite

  • I am in this current situation, except ofcourse I'm in the girl's shoes... she obviously wants to hang out, I would never say to text me if there was no interest. I have a question though... why would you want to continue dating if you dont want to get too invested? Dont give her false hope.

    • That came out wrong on my end, haha what I meant was, I don't want to get my hopes up and get too invested early on. I tend to get real caught up in a girl and when it doesn't work out it hits pretty hard. I do want a relationship, I am just very cautious because I've been burned bad in the past

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    • Some are as short as a single emoji thumbs up, or "oh rly?" it just sometimes seems difficult to keep a conversation going with her. In person we talked pretty much the entire time. Then sometimes over text she will text me a ton and be goofy. It's just sometimes she seems really distant and disconnected. It's just difficult to tell if she's really into me, or if she's just shy or if she's just being polite. But she does still initiate contact and I wouldn't think someone who isn't interested would do that.

    • You are correct on that, if she wouldn't be interested she would not initiate contact or make good conversation like that, she is probably trying to figure out if you are also interested hahaha

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