How can I get better at talkin to him?

Okay so I suck at talkin to new people and it's even worse when it's someone I like and I have this crush on this really sweet, amazing, funny guy and I dunno how to talk to him. Like we had lunch together and I just started talkin to him at te beginning of this week and it's pretty awesome like he usually comes to my table and says hey and ask how I'm doing and stuff and he's so cute and adorable and he even sat with me once ☺️ But I feel boring or bitchy whenever we're talkin like I don't know what to say most of the time so I try to remain neutral and say what I think but it comes out bitchy or boring. Like he pointed to this guys shoes and was like "what are those?" And I said "shoes" and he's like "oh I thought they were Air Force ones" and I'm like "no their shoes have you never seen thoes before" and he's like "no never" and I'm like "well you're wearin some right now so get your life together" and omg I was so lame and I sounded so mean


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