He downgraded our boyfriend and girlfriend relationship to just dating. What can I do to make him realize he made a mistake?

I suspect all he wants is variety and to be guilt free to screw other chicks. If he was done with me he would just break up and I would never hear from him again.

Since the break up, he never stopped contacting me and doing me favors, he still takes me out to date. Now he is upfront about he is not ready for relationship and he wants me to be open with man who are commitment friendly. He said he will also be open and will let people know he is not looking for relationship.

Why is he still spedning time and resources on me? I'm not providing sex since he broke up wtih me even we are dating agian


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  • That is very confusing. Sounds like he is just playing the field or gets some pleasure out of being with multiple women. If he isn't giving you what you want then you need to drop him completely There is nothing you can do to change him. He has already made up his mind. You shouldn't wait for him to realize he made a mistake leaving you. By the time he does, you should already be in another relationship with a great person.

    • It is very confusing as now I'm not providing anything apart from company and cuddles and kisses.

      Yes I do need to drop him. I'm just wondering what hits him more? Telling him I can't do this anymore or telling him I'm going on dates with others like he suggested

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    • I can't argue with that.

      I really enjoyed chatting with you. hopefully you we can talk more in messaging.

    • Thanks for MHO.

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  • The best thing you can do is walk away with your dignity in tact rather than sacrifice it for a subpar relationship that does not offer what you wish to have. He is spending time and resources on you as an act of selfishness because he would like to have you around as backup in case his plan doesn't unfold accordingly. Not because the eager hope you have that you mean more than what he says is true. But just in case the women he's interested in don't want to sleep with him, you'll be around like a 24 hour sexual, emotional, and mental ATM to provide pussy, conversation, and whatever womanly offerings he enjoys. Him doing you favors and still letting you feast off of the delights you experienced as a girlfriend is his way of ensuring that you'll be available while he plays the field so that way he doesn't actually have to commit, be faithful, and exercise the self-control and hard work of loyalty yet he can still reap the benefits of being someone's companion. Quite sleazy, calculative, and manipulative if you ask me.

    • You missed the point... I'm not sleeping with him. If I was I wouldn't be asking this question. No sex and he is still spending time and resource makes me wonder...

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    • Not a bad idea! ;p Seriously, if you spend Valentine's Day with someone who does not regularly make you feel treasured, special, and adorned then it will almost feel like "... That's it? I thought this day was supposed to feel grand." It's like the person has eliminated genuine possibility that you will feel encompassed in sheer bliss, positivity, and joy on that day by not habitually not treating you right and making it clear that their behavioral pattern will disappoint you.

    • Thanks for MHO by the way :)

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  • This dude just wanna get his dick wet guilt free. He wants you but he doesn't want the commitment. He thinks when he is done fucking around you will still be there for him, as he is putting on the boyfriend act.

    He needs to suffer some emotional pain to grow up.

    • You are not shy at all LOL

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  • Honestly I think you should just drop him and move on. If he's not ready for the type of relationship you want then you're not compatible anyway.

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