My boyfriend cannot help but flirt or talk to girls?

My boyfriend loves me, I know he does. If he fights with me, he leaves no stone un-turned to set things right. He helps me all the time. The problem is, he is a really helpful person in general, especially when it comes to girls. He is friends with all (good looking) girls in our college. He doesn't have many male friends, and almost no average looking friends. He can't help but talk to girls when they are around. He sometimes throws compliments at them (in my absence, he admitted he gave a compliment to two girls). One common friend told me, when I am not around, he tries to get others (3-4 hot girls') attention and talks to them a lot. We have had a couple of fights over this. I understand I look really insecure behaving like this. I mostly ignore this because he loves me so much and I am 100% confident he will never cheat me. But I can't help but feel rather bad about his behaviour.


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  • A guy flirting with other girl would be a deal-breaker for me. It's disrespectful.

    I would never flirt with other guys whilst in a relationship. I would never want him to feel uncomfortable. I'd always have regard for his feelings. If he thought I was flirting and told me how he felt, then I'd go out of my way to ensure I didn't make him feel that way. Besides, I would only want to flirt with the guy who I was in a relationship with. I'd never give another guy the satisfaction of thinking I was attracted to him, when my "boyfriends"back was turned.

    I judge a person's loyalty... not just by what they do in front of me, but also how they act, and what they do when my back is turned

    Talk to him and tell him how he makes you feel. It might be the case, that you are going to have to just accept he'll always be a flirt with other girls


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  • Thank god you ve got a boyfriend who is real not fake. All guys want to flirt with a no. of girls they just pretend when with their gfs.

    • Men are ploygamous by nature.

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  • I wouldn't be able to handle all that you go through. my partner and I are 100 jealous. I don't want him talking or even smiling at other girls. Especially giving them compliments. Why tf would he be giving compliments? He has me lol. you should talk about it with him. Tell him you don't like it. Let him know if he would like if you would be giving compliments to really hot guys.. See if he likes it. And if he doesn't then tell him to quit his shit. And if he doesn't. Dump his ass.