Guys, How to get to the next step?

It's a long story but basically I was friends with this awesome guy while I was ending my previous relationship. There was always something there but we never acted on it.
When I left my relationship, we went out one night and ended up spending the night together. There's been quite a few more times where that has occurred but in between the friendship is still going, essentially a friends with benefits situation I guess.
How to I take this to the next step... find out if he wants to date me or not? It's been 3 months of this and I would love to start dating but I feel we moved too quickly too fast and now I hope it's not ruined and all he's ever going to see me is as a friend.
Any advice would be great.


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  • Well it's a good thing he would just want to be friends instead of just leaving after the sex.

    You could tell him about how much you want to go out on a date with "someone". And hope he gets the hint or see what he would say about that.

    Sometimes you just need to put your feelings out there and go for it.

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