Please help me to stop worrying about him being out?

I've been getting anxious when the guy I am (exclusively) seeing goes out...
I have no reason not to trust him really but a past relationship has ruined it for me.
My ex used to go out & then the next morning be like "oh i got with someone" it was a horrible, emotionally abusive & distrustful relationship that broke me.
This new guy has a flirty personality but he has been entirely faithful to me for over 3 months, while we have been exclusive & while we are living 2 hours apart. We have been seeing each other for about 6 months.

He is out with our mutual friends now as well as some others that I don't know.
He answered my call when i quickly rang him after work & then when he couldn't hear me he messaged. He asked how my day was but I haven't got a reply... That isn't "cheating" behaviour is it, you wouldn't do that if you were in the process of tuning someone?

I hate feeling like this & I worry that if i don't trust him, stop feeling jealous etc. then i'll ruin what we have. His ex is a psycho & she was super jealous too so i know that will 100% be a turn off.

Help me stop worrying?


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  • You might need to tell your guy that you have had trust issues in the past (if you think you are at a point to share this with him) so that he knows you want to trust him but need a little reassurance.


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  • I had a similar thing happen to me in the past, more that once, and it really does affect how you trust people. Let him know what happened to you in the past and that its not that you don't want to trust him (and you are trying to), but that you trusted people you've been with in the past and they strayed. There isn't really a guaranteed way to get yourself to trust someone. It just happens over time, and I still have moments where I have to tell myself that I'm being irrational. Just let him know that you can't help but worry about it, and maybe he'll be able to help you work on your trust when he goes out.

  • If he's flirting I wouldn't trust that either. It's showing interest in other girls, so I feel like that's cheating.. I'm not trying to make you feel even more insecure I just wouldn't trust a guy that flirts. He should only be interested in you. My boyfriend doesn't even talk to other girls. So it's not impossible for him to at least stop his flirting