He said hope we can still be friends how do I reply?

Me and this guy have been kind of seeing each other on/off for a year.
And we've met up a lot in the past few months it was mostly sexual but on all of those times we'd be together he hasn't been able to get hard. This has happened 5 times in a row last time he couldn't get hard stopped midway during oral after we'd tried sex was trying get him hard again. He left the room to the bathroom then looking upset and gave him hug after cuddled him told him it was ok before leaving. He always makes up a excuse saying he has to go to work to cover it. His dick just feels soft/squishy doesn't quite go in. Then after all of these times he's a bit distant often makes up a excuse to say he's seeing someone. Then when he rings or texts me drunk he always admits he isn't seeing anyone so I know he's made it up. Anyway I haven't seen him for a while I text him last night
""Hey I was just thinking of you and wondered how things were going and want to say "Hi" since it's been so long!"

Him:"I'm good but can't chat sadly I'm seeing someone sorry"

I just text back OK
then this morning I text
I'm really sorry to have bothered you (name). I thought maybe we still had something good going between us."

then he replied
I no (name) I'm sorry I met someone else hope we can still be friends"

He's never said this before is this maybe because we took it too fast and he's worried about the sex? what do I reply back?
as we did rush things in some ways the seeing someone is another excuse there is no one.

maybe say "I do really like you we have so much in common maybe we can go back to how we were at the start like get to know each other all over again maybe we rushed things"


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  • HE said he can't chat cause he met someone. Means he can't be seen talking to you. So just ditch him and move on.

    • He's said this excuse before it's not his first time then the next few days he rings and admits he isn't seeing anyone when I ask him straight up are you seeing anyone yes or no? he always says no

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    • sure thing. message me. or if you can't just reply to a question of mine and I will know it's you.

    • thanks

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  • Umm he already made it perfectly clear. He's not interested and he is seeing someone else. I think you should stop wasting your time and move on with your life.

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