If your boyfriend or girlfriend acts immature is it wrong to call them childish?

Do you believe that if an adult acts immature and childish in the face of an issue or disagreement, rolling over on the other side of the bed and crying like a teenager, calling back to you again and again with remarks like "I just don't get why...", "the least you could do is..."

Do you believe they deserve to be called childish, immature, a baby, etc. or is it disrespectfully wrong?

If they are needy and get upset when ever you don't handle or tend to their feelings, small issues or little sorrows, saying "it would be nice if you..." even though it's not your responsibility,
do you think it is disrespectfully wrong or well deserved to call them a needy, immature child?

Thank you everyone in advance,

Considering as well for this question, that the non-immature significant other acts normally with him/her as well as everyone else even though there's a disagreement and acknowledges the others feelings, small issues or little sorrows and feels for them to a degree based on the situation.
In most basic explanation, this is what happened.
I: said, very cool and respectfully, "I will feel for you and encourage you with something like this, but what I will not do is make a big deal out of something that isn't serious. I will not make a big deal out of you crying over spilled milk" (his penis being smaller than the next guy's)
He: Got mad, because I said he was crying over spilled milk, and to him that's not "spilled milk/not so serious".


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  • Psychologists says that name calling is not appropriate in relationships and is a sign of disrespect. My personal opinion if its a man is to say it because in my opinion no one wants a pussy for a man. If its a girl then maybe she's just an emotional wreck and needs help to sort her shit, but still a man doesn't want a woman that isn't strong enough to stand by his side.

    • Thanks for your opinion :) In most basic explanation, I posted above ^^^ what happened.

    • Rest:

      I: called him childish and immature (both for the moment and for his usual behavior of curling up at the edge of the bed and not talking the rest of the day or whinning here and there. Is that not childish of anyone regardless of gender?) He: gets mad at me for calling him a child, Says its disrespectful. I: Refuse to talk to him on the phone because he doesn't understand. He: breaks up with me.

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