Is it bad to have standards and preferences?

These and my standards/preferences.

Things with ☆ means topic
Things with ♡ means preferred or admired


White American♡ / White European♡ / White Asian / White African / White South American

☆Body Type

Very Skinny / Skinny♡ / Athletic♡ / Petite♡

☆Personality Type

Slightly introverted slightly extroverted♡ / Outdoorsy♡ / Sense of humor / Slightly nerdy / open minded♡ / high sex drive♡ / Loyal/Faithful♡



☆Hair type

Any color / medium length♡ / long length / wavy loose curls♡ / straight♡

☆Eye color

Any color / Green♡ / Blue♡



☆Style type

Healthy♡ / Causal Christian (not Rolly Polly or strict)♡ / Clean cut / Classy / Casual / Tattoos / Non-tobacco users only!!!♡ / Cannabis user♡ / Single♡ / No Kids/not pregnant♡ / Must be okay with me owning modified cars, motorcycles & guns!!!♡

☆Booty size

Small♡ / Medium

☆Boob size

Any as long as they are nicely shaped / Preferred regular or small nipples


Legs / Arms / Vagina♡

That's all i require to be mine. Everything else such as skills, politics or materials isn't a big deal to me.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Nope, as long as they're also realistic. If you can find people who meet preferences/standards and are interested in you as well, then you're golden. If not, then that's when it may be time to revise and be open to changes. But try finding what you're looking for first and giving it an honest shot.

    • Yup I've dated several but none so far have actually been fully successful enough to pass the one year mark.
      My most recent ex girlfriend was cheating on me behind my back for months with her new jobs boss. And i thought she was the one :( i guess not

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    • Well that always helps haha

    • I just "ride" my motorcycle instead hahaha no pun intended!

Most Helpful Guy

  • It is not bad, but having so many 'preferences' would significantly reduce your dating pool, and may take you much longer to find someone who fits the bill.

    • Crap... okay so what do i do about it?

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    • Yeah, having high standards is not bad, as long as you're willing to compromise a bit! :)

    • Thanks for MHO! :)

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  • Ahh, you like to toot a little grass?

    good for you.

    • Yes i believe it brings peace to the world. Smiles and laughter are always a good thing :)

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    • Hahahaha! I really do believe cannabis users to be more friendly and definitely fun to interact with. You're a prime example :P

    • I am sure that is true.

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  • You'll probably have to make a few compromises in the future.