Guys, when you invite a girl over to your house what are you expecting to happen?

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She is a girl you are currently dating.


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  • Depends on how long we've been dating and how she's acting. In general I try to be a gentleman and make her feel good and show her there's no reason to be afraid of me. I make sure she knows I like her and we're going as far as she wants, even if that means just a cup of coffee. If she's being flirty and naughty, well... you can figure it out.

    • What if it's 4 months down the line, you're still making cups of tea and she isn't flirting with you?

    • If she's not flirty with me I wouldn't be dating her, let alone invite her to my home in the first place. Still, if we've been seeing each other for 4 months, at some point I will begin to be the naughty one. If she pushes me back I will try to find out if there's something wrong and adapt. In any case I have no intentions to be in a platonic relationship (not again anyway), especially if I have strong feelings for the woman. If she too wants to be with me, we will find a solution. If not - I will bid her farewell. I have discovered that with the right approach even the most fridgid woman can relax and end up on top of me. The key is for her to actually like me. Eveything else - I can take care of.

    • I have been both sides of the coin. For the most part of last year I dated this guy and I couldn't relax around him. I didn't feel like he really did anything to help to process. I remember him calling me fragile one day and he didn't attempt to get to the bottom of it. It never became easier for me and we didn't kiss for months. I have never experienced it taking this long to kiss someone even though I'm very shy. Guys would usually try to make me comfortable from the beginning. It didn't work out with him obviously and now I understand why.

      Fast forward to a couple months ago, I met this new guy. I was shy in the beginning, three dates in and it's like I'm a different person. I'm flirting, being touchy feely (I never touch anyone) and i feel so comfortable around him. He just broke the touch barrier in the early stages and started to try and tickle me and now I find myself reaching to touch him. Now I realise that I just needed to be comfortable and not as frigid as I thought lol

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  • I'm not a guy but I never assume anything. He could want to pound it or just hang. You never know.

    • Lol how can you be sure what he's expecting? Do you find out before hand or wait it out?

    • I'd probably just wait it out and go with the flow.

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  • Nothing sexual, unless I am in a relationship with her.

  • If I am dating her, (it would be after the first date) and I am "hoping" to cuddle, make out, and later on in the relationship to fool around and stop before having actual sex.
    But this is not what I am expecting though.

    • Why stop before actual sex? So what are you expecting then?

    • If I was going to expect something from her at any time it would be to cuddle and watch a movie.

      I would stop before sex cause I don't want to rush her into it and cause I am a gentleman.

    • Fair enough :)

  • Play monopoly

  • 1st or 2nd base if we're lucky 3rd base

    • **looks up the bases**

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    • 1st base : kissing
      2nd base : cuddling, touching and groping
      3rd base : sex

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