If a guy keeps asking to have dinner but then bottles it at the last minute?

So me and this guy have known each other for about 5 months. We met through work. We've always flirted and always have a laugh with each other. After about 2 months we added each other on FB and we started talking regularly. After about 2 weeks of talking he asked if I wanted to have dinner sometime. So I said yes and we said we'd arrange it. So after another 2 weeks he asked again and we tried to arrange it but neither of us could due to work. After this he was off for 2 weeks due to health reasons. While he was off we were in touch a lot. 2 days later On Christmas eve he sent me a message to say happy Christmas and again asked me if I wanted to hang out in the New year. So again we said we would. So the next time I seen him we tried to arrange it then the next week I had to be in his area due to family reasons. So I told him and he said after I've finished to go and see him and have dinner. He even told me where his apartment was. So that weekend I was in the area and after I finished with what I was doing I text him whilst I was getting a coffee and he didn't respond but he stayed online. I thought as I told him I was going to have a wander round he was waiting for me to tell him I'd finished. So I text him again a little while later to say I'd finished and again he read it stayed online but didn't respond. So then I told him I was too cold and might have to get going soon. Again he read it stayed online but didn't say anything. It was really bad weather on the day so I really couldn't stay outside too long. HE then went online again about 20 minutes later but then went off again and has been off since. Did I do something wrong or did his nerves get to him? I have to see him in a couple of days so I'm kind of worried!!!


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  • Sounds like he is married.

    • He's not he lives on his own and I've been told he is single :)

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