This guy I like is kind famous and he has been my friend for the last two years and He liked me last year and I kinda blew him off but now I realise Im slowely falling for him but I dont want to ruin our friendship and tell him cause he's so supportive to me. We have been facetiming the last few nights and the whole time I just look at him and think of how beautiful a person he is and why I would have ever let that go.
I sense there is some feeling toward me from him but I couldn't handle getting rejected from him and I have a boyfriend, to top off how fucked my feelings for him are.
My boyfriends being a total jerk to me at the moment and the other night I was having a complete meltdown and not my boyfriend but 'he' was there, talking to me and making sure I was okay.

What do I do, please no hate?


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