Help me with Valentine's day plans?

Need help with Valentine's day plans with my.. semi-girlfriend? (If that's a thing) We've both expressed intent to be in a relationship but have a lot going on at the moment. We've been out a few times, cinema, bowling etc and we've kissed. Things are going great and I want to show her I like her a lot with a particular Valentine's day. Friends have suggested a dinner date but I don't think we're ready for something so formal. I'm 17, she's 16 so we can't really go for drinks. On the topic of a small gift, is this a good idea and should I make it as personal as can be? Funny or romantic? We've both been quite open of our lack of knowledge when it comes to Valentine's day and I'd appreciate any help :)


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  • Here are some cool ideas I got from the Internet:

    -Go get some hot coco & a blanket and watch the sunset.
    -Have a game night
    -Watch a show u two haven't see before on Netflix
    -cook something together or make ice cream sundaes
    -build a fort & have a carpet picnic
    -Go to animal shelter & play with animals. This way ur doing a good deed & having fun.
    -Go skating

    Here's another website with ideas. Hope all these ideas help. :)

    fun. https://www. care. com/a/101-cheap-date-ideas-1401081453

    • I love the idea of cooking together, would you think parents being present is a problem for her? She is 16 and I haven't officially met them yet

    • No I don't think it be a problem. :) Just make sure she asks her parents permission for u guys to cook lol. :) u know how some people don't like other people in their kitchen but since it's her house I'm sure it will be fine. :) Having her ask is just a polite thing to do. :) Sounds like a fun activity to do. :)

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