He planned to call me last night... BUT forgot he had work to finish?

Story starts off when I went to a party over the weekend and my BFF introduced her boyfriend's brother to me and we hit it off.

He was handsome, charming and we are both very interested.
I expressed my interest by my actions (subtle flirting, dancing with him, smiling) and he stuck close by and seemed very comfortable around me.

Fast foward later, I leave w/o saying goodbye and he ended up giving our mutual friend his phone # to send to me. He told my BFF that I was beautiful & wanted me to hit him up ^__^

So I did!

Texted back and forth every day since we met. Even stayed up super late but he said that was normal for him. I wanted to talk over the phone and told him to give me a call sometime. ;)
He told me if last night after his work was ok. I said yes and he said he couldn't wait (plus a smilie).

Note: He told me early on that he had a bunch of work over the weekend to finish.
(I forgot and apparently he did too)

I didn't get the call and he hasn't contacted me ever since.
It's understandable about the situation that he was work and I am not angry over it (a tad dissapointed because I truly wanted to speak to him).

My question is what should I say to him when he DOES call/text?

I want him to know that I:

- "Totally understand what had happened"
he doesn't need to feel bad/ashamed about forgetting work. That's important and I know that.

- "Am not mad. Yet I still would like him to keep his word"
to keep his integrity and standards.

- won't always be around to "just call whenever" / be taken for granted
to keep my standards and boundaries.

I am interested in him and really would like to get to know him more without being "that girl" he can just do/call/text however he feels. Yes, I am open but I am not always available.

Do you have any ideas how I communicate this in a endearing way that g

that gets the point (s) across?

Your input/help is very much appreciated! :)


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  • Here's the thing.. No one is so busy that they can't take 30 seconds to drop a text saying: Hey can't call tonight. Super busy. Just common courtesy.


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